Why start another (tech) blog?

I've been trying to answer the above question for months now.

There have been feelings of self-doubt mixed with a drive to create something with my own name. Going through a sort of quarter-life crisis, I have realized that I have created very little of my own work. Something that was not just my employer's or client's. However, I felt that my postings would not have much value and would just get lost in the mix with all the other tech blogs.

But recently, while reading Pragmatic Thinking & Learning, I was inspired that maybe "in the detailed minutiae of everyday life were occasional philosophical gems." I realized that a blog, at the very least, would help me keep track of my thoughts and ideas over time. A public forum would force me to think through them more fully and clearly. And maybe the seemingly meaningless musings would germinate. So I started to keep a list of "Potential Blog Postings" to reflect on and see if anything was worth publishing with my name attached. While I found value in the ideas, I still did not feel sure they were worth posting to the world. So I decided to push off the endeavor and inserted it in my "todo" list between "Complete P90X Workout" and "Skydiving."

Still feeling doubtful, it wasn't until I was determined to build an efficient, paginated SQL query that I found the final inspiration. The simple and elegant solution was on small blog by a self-proclaimed Swedish geek who could not even be bothered enough to update the default Blogspot template. I realized that I find so many useful solutions and insights on small, random blogs. Maybe one of my future postings might help someone solve a vexing problem of their own.

So here I am now. Hoping somebody (including myself) finds something useful. Armed with a lame title, a list of "Potential Blog Postings," and a 14 day trial on Squarespace: