OS Integration Plugin for Eclipse

I'd recently started working on a PHP project and use Eclipse as my IDE because it's free and I'm used to it given my Java background. However, I found that I need to utilize shell scripts to execute certain tasks, such as building and packaging. Given that I work with a windows machine, I found it tedious to have to open a command prompt and attempt to navigate to the directory of my project. To solve this problem, I created the OS Integration Plugin for Eclipse, available as an open source project on Google Code's Eclipse Labs.

It's a simple plugin that allows for the right clicking of any folder or file and allowing it to be opened in a File Browser, Command Prompt, or (for Windows) Cygwin. Currently only Windows is supported, but I'd like to add Mac OSX and Linux support.

It's pretty simple to use, just right click a file or folder and the options will be displayed in the context-menu.


The plug-in is available on the Red Wrench Digital Update site:


If you have any issues or feature ideas, please let me know either in the comments below or on the open source OS Integration page on Google Code.